Last week we shared some unexpected uses for your favorite products. This week we’re taking a hint from you, our lovely customers, and sharing some excellent uses for your Soapwalla jars long after your last scoop of deodorant. These are all real tips and tricks straight from you, and we have to admit- we love them!

-Deodorant jars are an excellent lunch buddy. They’re the perfect size for small snacks like nuts, or liquids that you want to keep separate like salad dressing.

-Balm jars are a beautiful new addition to our product packaging, with frosted glass and a domed black lid. Did you know that these jars are great for holding spices? Keep your kitchen organized and stylish.

-Bath Salt jars are the perfect addition to your home décor. Not sure how? Just add water and fresh cut flowers! Extra points for adding pebbles or shells to the bottom for stability and to match your aesthetic.

-Polish jars are our widest containers, making them a wonderful travel companion. Store anything from medications to jewelry in these short wide jars.

A lot of thought went into our packaging, from making sure everything is as eco-friendly as possible to ensuring that the design pairs with the function. Who knew that your creative minds could take that vision one step further! Continue to share your ideas with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.