Save some time (and product) with this handy list of unexpected multitaskers that we’ve discovered over the years:

-Deodorant: Instead of wasting that extra cream on a towel, why not put it to good use as a hair texturizer! Just rub the excess on your roots to absorb any extra oil.

-Toning Mist: Skin feeling a bit irritated after shaving? Spray some toning mist on it! Our toners are designed to calm redness and soothe irritated skin, which means they are the perfect cure for your itchy legs, bumpy face, or red armpits.

-Bath Soaking Salts: If you don’t mind the occasional side eye, one of our favorite uses for our soaks is to put some in a travel friendly container and use them as a smelling salt. It’s perfect for a stuffed nose, to reduce anxiety, or even just to combat some bad smells.

-Body OilYes, the bottle says body, but we’re fans of using these oils on our hair when it could use extra moisture. Our advice is to focus on your ends and not the scalp, and to use sparingly as a little oil goes a long way.

-Pregnant Belly Oil: So what if you’re not pregnant? This oil was made to treat even the most sensitive and stubborn skin. That includes eczema and rosacea.

- Obvious Multitaskers:  The Spray is your favorite bug-repellent in the summer, and go-to hand sanitizer and "defunker" year-round. New to the list of multi-tasking products is The Balm which can be used head to toe for everything from a youthful glow to healing a tattoo.

Enjoy discovering new uses for your favorite products! If there is something we have left out, be sure to let us know! As always, use good sense and caution when it comes to putting anything near sensitive areas such as your eyes.