For the month of February we will be turning the focus around on you! We have such a varied customer base that doesn’t always get represented in mainstream green beauty. That’s why each week we will be looking a bit closer at just some of the many customers who make Soapwalla what it is. Our kitchen is open to all!

Every time we share that about half of Soapwalla's customers are men, we are met with shocked faces. Instead of focusing on marketing products as "for men" or "for women", we're making products that are good for all skin.

There are so many articles out there describing the phenomenon of gendered skincare. Companies think guys can be swayed to buy one product over another simply because the packaging is blue or black and say's "men" on it, but we know better. Every day we see orders come in from men around the world saying no thanks to marketing ploys, and just taking care of themselves.

For anyone new to natural products, or skincare in general, here is a helpful cheat sheet to our best-sellers:

Deodorant- Perfect for all pits! A benefit to using a cream deodorant over a stick is that you can say goodbye to pulling and tugging on arm pit hairs. The cream rubs into skin without that sticky mess matting down your hair.

Face Serum- Recovering from acne? Have scaring? Oily skin? Dry or sensitive skin? Concerned about signs of aging, but don't want 10 different creams? Make things easy, cover your face with just a few drops of this concentrated serum for whatever is going on with your skin.

Don't be confined by gendered skin care!