Our kitchen is open to all! We have such a varied customer base that doesn’t always get represented in mainstream green beauty. That’s why each week we are looking a bit closer at some of the many customers who make Soapwalla what it is.


Who knew skincare with such gentle ingredients could be so effective? It turns out many of you did! Soapwalla isn't just for sitting pretty on your shelf, we make products that are just as tough as you are.

If you ever get tired of only seeing ads or social posts of lounging spa days and people standing in fields of wild flowers, you may be one of our many athletic customers who know that natural ingredients can stand up to the toughest elements.

From yogis to boxers to runners, we've heard it all, and it makes us so happy to know that you depend on Soapwalla to get you through your workout!

Here are a few amazing ways that our customers have been putting us to the test:

  • We received an email from a paddle boarder who spends her days out on the surf. She depends on The Balm to heal sun damage, and protect from harsh winds.
  • The Deodorant Cream is of course a go-to for everyday use, but did you know it can keep you fresh for miles and miles? We were recently in touch with a customer who competes in long distance running and swears by it!
  • Our founder, Rachel, recently went from kickboxing to traditional boxing, and depends on the Deodorant to keep her stink-free, and The Spray to keep her gloves just as fresh.
Let us know if you're an athlete who has worked Soapwalla into your routine!