We have such a varied customer base that doesn’t always get represented in mainstream green beauty. That’s why each week we will be looking a bit closer at just some of the many customers who make Soapwalla what it is. Our kitchen is open to all!


How many taglines have you read about achieving a "youthful glow"? Or even more direct, something about "turning back the clock" with some miracle product. It's as if we're being told that we're doing something wrong by aging. 

The problem is that aging is beautiful. For starters, aging means that you're alive. As corny as it may sound, we'd rather have smile lines from late nights with friends than miss out on experiencing life. This doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of your skin.You should protect and cherish it, not scrutinize every line.

Much like being told "you look so thin", compliments based on youth can be more harmful than they appear. Once your self-worth becomes centered on one ideal (particularity one as unattainable as the perfect body or the fountain of youth) it becomes hard to see anything positive beyond that one flaw.

We are so proud to have customers who have said no to the dangers of injections and have instead chosen to age naturally. If you've been stressing over "stress lines" or searching for a magic potion, we'd like to invite you to see aging from a whole new light.

Learn how to love your skin by protecting it. As we age, skin loses moisture, and can become more sensitive. Instead of piling on the harsh chemicals, stick to more nourishing natural ingredients.

Here some best-sellers to get you started on aging naturally:

Lavender Soap: When it comes to cleansing, be sure to only wash your face once a day to avoid over-drying. The Lavender Soap is excellent for those times when your skin is dry or more sensitive. OR

Cardamom Ginger Soap: A gentle brightening cleanser that won't cause any redness or irritation.

Hydrating Toning Mist: Mist some toner onto a cotton pad and sweep across face to lessen redness and irritation.

Restorative Face Serum: This is a must-have for all age ranges and skin types. Think of the serum as vitamins for your face.

The Balm: If you're in need of some extra care, especially in the harsh winter months, The Balm is excellent as a daily moisturizer and as a sleep mask. 

We are all aging. It is a beautiful part of life that comes with wisdom and experience, not shame.