Summer Skin Series || This month, we are sharing some of our favorite tips and tricks for keeping skin healthy and happy all summer long. Long days in the sun and heat can wreak havoc on our largest organ, and Soapwalla is here to protect your beautiful skin! First up, what to do when bug bites have you scratching from head to toe.

Start with Bite Prevention

Before you lace up for an afternoon hike or pitch the camping tent, mist your arms and legs with The Spray to keep buzzing bugs away. This powerhouse refresher contains our custom blend of essential oils that naturally deters insects, all while keeping you fresh and clean. Stash a bottle in your gym bag and beach tote for a sanitizer on the go!


Lavender to the Rescue

Lavender essential oil packs a serious one-two punch when it comes to skincare. It smells fabulous and also has serious healing properties that make it a must have for treating painful insect bites. Chill your Balancing Toning Mist in the fridge, and spritz directly onto the inflamed area. The cool toner will help relieve irritation, and the lavender will calm itching. This soothing elixir is also available in a handy travel size.


Citrus Superpowers

When you need an all-over cleanser after a long day in the outdoors, look no further than our Citrus Mint soap bar. Real mint leaves, grapefruit, tangerine, and a blend of citrus essential oils work to gently rejuvenate skin and alleviate irritated patches. These oils are naturally anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, making this soap the perfect cleanser to relieve pains from bites and stings. Pick up a bartoday, and smell like a fresh summer breeze!

What is your favorite way to keep the insects at bay?