Summer Skin Series || You ventured outside for a couple hours and afterwards noticed something that wasn't there before...the dreaded sunburn. Even those who diligently apply SPF are still susceptible to the sun's strong summer rays. Here's what to reach for when you're feeling the burn.

Aloe You Very Much

When skin is pink/red and hot to the touch, spritz our Facial Toning Mists to start the cool down. The aloe in all three toners will help naturally heal the sunburn and take away the sting. Available in EssentialBalancing, and Hydrating, chill your bottle in the fridge for a quick remedy. Need a toner to go? Pack a travel sized buddy for soothing power wherever you are.

Peppermint Please

The first day of a sunburn can be the worst, and it's important to gently nourish skin right away. With its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and calming properties, peppermint is a powerhouse for alleviating burns. Massage a few drops of our Lavender Vanilla Mint body oil into skin to reduce redness, prevent peeling, and promote healing. Protect lips in and out of the sun with our customer favorite Lip Locked Lavender Mint Lip Balm. Kiss dry, irritated skin goodbye!

Hello Jojoba

Rich in Vitamin E? Check. Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial? Check. Perfect for relieving burns and speeding up skin's natural healing process? Triple check. Jojoba has it all, and that's why we turn to our Restorative Face Serum and Resilience Oil after a day in the sun. Apply the Serum to face, neck, and scalp to soothe the sting. Treat arms, legs, and torso with the Resilience Oil to calm and treat itchiness. Your body will thank you!