Have you tried our best-selling and award winning deodorant creams? No matter your skin type, our all natural frosting-like creams are sure to keep you smelling fresh all day. Check out our insider tips to make the most out of your deodorant experience!

STIR, STIR, BABY: The heat is on! If your deodorant is liquified (totally natural as we don’t use any artificial waxes or hardeners), stir well before application. Using your finger or a chopstick, whip the deodorant for 30 seconds to fully incorporate the ingredients. Pop in the freezer for 30 minutes to set, and you’re good to go!

SHAVE IT FOR LATER Let your underarms chill out a bit after using a razor. Shaving can cause microabrasions, and essential oils will let you know all about each of these tiny cuts ;)  Tip: use a shave oil or pure coconut oil as a healing barrier between your skin and an irritation-causing razor.

LESS IS MOREWhen first switching over to natural deo, start with a pea-sized amount on the underarm and another pea-sized amount just on the outside of your arm (anywhere you chafe when you swing your arms). Add more as desired. You can always apply a base coat swipe of coconut oil as well, if you prefer.

LOVE THY PITSTake a few seconds each day to massage the deodorant into your skin, and show your body some love. Every part of you is beautiful, and this includes your hard-working and often under-appreciated underarms! This gentle massage is also great for lymphatic stimulation. 

TRY THE RAINBOWAll four of our lovely deodorant creams are available in 0.5 oz travel sizes. This is the perfect way to find your favorite before purchasing the full size (but trust us, you'll fall in love).