Just when you thought we had perfected the art of natural deodorant, we're back at it with an entirely new formula - in two new scents! After five years of formulation and tweaking, countless requests, custom batches ordered via email, and reading through your reviews, we've made a sensitive skin, no-bs deodorant!


Users of our original deodorant may be thinking "why change a good thing?" Or "what's the problem with baking soda?" For the first question, we wholeheartedly agree! We still have (and love) our two OG deodorants. If they work for you, then perfect - keep doing what you're doing! For some with very sensitive skin, baking soda can be a bit much for their bodies.


Baking soda is a natural ingredient that is standard in most natural deodorants because it's pretty amazing at deodorizing and keeping you fresh. That's where those five years of formulation came in - the true challenge comes from making an effective baking soda-free deodorant with different ingredients that work just as hard, all while not irritating sensitive skin.


We're nearly there - the two no-bs deodorants premier early September! We can tell you to expect a new color (that rubs on clear) and the addition of two of our favorite ingredients, charcoal and club mossWe can't wait to share this one with you!