Happy 4th of July and happy Summer! Depending on where you live, we're looking at you Southern Hemisphere, it may not be all sunny skies and beach days. Here at Soapwalla we love spreading wellness and happiness, so even if you aren't joining in on the festivities this week, maybe we can give you some ideas for celebrating your own way!
1. Take a day trip: If you're in New York, hop on the train and head to the beach, or take a ride on a roller coaster in Coney Island! Yes, that is an upside-down Rachel in the above photo. Not close to a beach? A hike or a trip to a local river or even a neighboring town you've been meaning to visit will do the trick. Getting out of your day to day routine and surroundings can be a real treat. 
2. Have a cookout: Are you a master chef? Or maybe you've been wanting to put your hosting skills to the test? Either way, having a cookout (potluck or not) will have you moving all day long! Here are some great vegan recipes that will actually fill you up, and keep meat-eaters happy too!
3. Step away from your work email: If you have the day off, give yourself a day off! We've all been guilty of stressing over the small stuff outside of the office. 9 times out of 10 that email can, and should, wait.
4. Watch fireworks: Find out where your local firework show is happening, and stake out a good spot! Don't have any options nearby? Light up some sparklers and put on your own show! 
5. Be prepared: No matter where your travels take you, be sure to have 3 summer necessities in your car, backpack, or on your back porch! Sunscreen, The Spray (to keep the pests at bay), and your favorite Soapwalla Deodorant