At Soapwalla, we take things slowly. We buck trends. We indulge deeply. And we're damn proud of it.

Close your eyes and think of the last time you really enjoyed something. Whether it’s the first sip of your morning coffee, the last episode of Schitt's Creek, or the workout you just powered through, take a second to recall the way you felt – perhaps empowered. Or strong. Or calm. Clear. Comforted. At peace. That feeling? That’s how we want you to feel applying your skincare. Our entire line is lovingly crafted by hand with our customers and planet in mind. Conscious production merits conscious application.

When our to-do lists are never-ending and we feel the pressure to monetize every moment, it can seem like a guilty pleasure to devote a half hour to our skincare routines. Let us be the first to say that there is no shame in finding joy in the little things. In fact, we posit that the little things are exactly where joy resides. We pour our hearts and souls into Soapwalla jars, and we want you to enjoy using them as much as we revel in producing them. We think they work better when you take the time to appreciate the ritual of caring for your body! Go ahead and indulge. Your skin will thank you.

This is what sets Soapwalla apart. It typically takes about two years from the moment a new product idea pops into Rachel's head to the second it hits the shelves. As a professional violinist, Rachel approaches skincare much like music. Formulating a new product is like composing; it requires time, dedication, and hours of practice.

"I approach formulation the same way I approach musical composition. I have a threefold goal: (1) to make you feel something, to alter your relationship to the world in some small way; (2) to create a harmonized finished piece/product that transforms into a sum that's greater than its parts; (3) to push myself - to go out of my comfort zone, to try something that fails 99% of the time, that perhaps hasn't been done before."

By the time customers click the "add to cart" button on our website, Rachel has tweaked the recipe countless times, the entire team (including our moms!) has used and carefully reviewed the efficacy of the formula, and we have ensured that the product serves/supports a specific purpose. Every jar is its own little wondrous symphony. We take immense pride in our products, and we hope you will use them with love, care, and compassion for your body.

Rachel sources the highest quality ingredients from trusted growers, and we're proud of how much time and effort she spends cultivating these relationships with our farming partners. We are radically transparent, and our ingredients are second to none. We use only vegan, organic, food-grade materials that are both sustainably grown and responsibly harvested. We vet all our ingredients, so our customers don't have to. Let us take care of the research, so you can take care of your beautiful skin.

Our well-stocked kitchen is the heart of the Soapwalla studio. You won't find a bunch of heavy machinery and conveyor belts in our Brooklyn suite. Instead, you'll find three kickass women who are obsessed with skincare and devoted to sharing ungendered, inclusive personal care products with the world. We like to do things our own way; even part of our shipping station is fashioned out of a recycled hockey stick. Our beloved Delilah, the Soapwalla deodorant mixer, is the biggest piece of equipment we have, and we pour everything by hand. The process is slow, and that's exactly how we like it. The way we treat our products - from the start to finish of production - matters. We sing to our ingredients, we tell the deodorant how wonderful it is while we are mixing it, and we have fun whipping up new formulas. You won't find any of this in a factory. Our sense of wonder, excitement, and joy is what helps make each Soapwalla goodie lightning in a bottle.

When you go to cleanse your face tonight and put on your favorite oils, we invite you to revel in this love for conscious production. It sounds a little woo-woo, but let yourself meditate (even if it is just for a few seconds!) on the wholesome ingredients you are putting onto your body. Indulge in the luxury of handmade skincare. Knowing our customers take time each day to pamper themselves is music to our ears.