Happy Tuesday, friends! This week is all about sharing the practices that help bring us joy, clarity, and peace. There's just something about taking time out of our hectic days to focus on nourishing our bodies and spirits that is so essentialCheck out the Soapwalla crew's tips and tricks for skincare and mental health rituals!


For skincare: I've been popping the Concentrated Repair Balm in my fridge to use as a cooling under-eye treatment. I've been struggling with allergies and insomnia (seriously, who isn't these days?!) and this is my go-to treatment for heavy eye bags. The calming arnica and blue tansy help reduce the appearance of dark circles, and the chilled texture de-puffs tight skin. The Balm works even better than those disposable eye masks, and there is no waste!

For my mental health: I've started a gratitude journal. I tend to do all my writing on my phone or computer, but now I am putting pen to paper, and it feels sooo good. This type of journaling helps me center myself throughout the day and drown out the noise. Whether it's a FaceTime sesh with my grandmother or walking my dachshund around the neighborhood, I jot down all the good things that happened during the day. At the end of the week, I can look back and appreciate all the little moments!



For skincareSince it is summer here and has been very warm the last few days, I am also using the refrigerator to make a wonderful product even better. I have chilled the Essential Toning Mist for a refreshing spritz after coming in from the sun. I don't even waste time on a cotton pad - I spray directly onto my face to soak up all that botanical goodness. This toner is also great for cooling down a pesky sunburn!

For my mental healthI have been watching birds, sometimes with my camera and sometimes without. I have seen cardinals, finches, titmice, warblers, ducks, turkeys, bluebirds and three types of woodpecker. Getting out in nature is one of my favorite ways to wind down from the stress of city life. New York is home to all these stunning birds, and I love getting to see them in their natural habitat.



For skincareI've been doing the one-two Toning Mist/Serum combo - I liberally spray the Toning Mist all over my face and neck, and while it's still heavily damp (i.e. dripping), I add a generous amount of Serum. I spend about 3 minutes massaging the products in. It helps lock in moisture and also relieves my poor face of the bruised/rashy feeling I get from wearing a mask all day long.  Also, I'm a Spray addict, so I spritz that a couple hundred times a day.

For my mental healthI'm staying politically active. I personally feel a responsibility to engage in social justice work, but between my business and my health, I cannot participate in marches as much as I'd like to. So I choose 4 or 5 activities that I focus my energy on each week: letter writing, donations, using my platform to amplify other voices, taking workshops, reading and listening and some more listening. This is how I best work, and how I see measurable progress and don't burn out in the process.

What are you doing to care for yourself these days?

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