Into the Garden

"The smell of jasmine makes people tell their secrets" -Jandy Nelson

We're thrilled to welcome Into the Garden as part of our ongoing microbatch series. Our limited edition fragrance mist is a bright, charming, sultry delight. Notes of epicurean jasmine blend seamlessly with hints of citrus and evergreen to transport you to a sun-warmed field of wildflowers.

As the days grow longer and spring stretches out like a blanket before us, we yearn for long walks among fresh blooms. We crave sunshine, new beginnings, and the feeling of grass under our bare feet. We dreamed of capturing this feeling in a single spritz, and thus, the idea for Into the Garden was planted.

Last fall, we collaborated with our friend Kara Duval, owner and creator of Kara Duval Pilates, to craft her signature mist and rollerball. All of Soapwalla's products are designed to nourish and support our skin therapeutically, so Rachel was thrilled to focus on making something specifically to excite our senses. After the success of our partnership with Kara, Rachel began to compose a scent that encapsulates her favorite time of year, springtime.

Distilling a season into a single drop can be daunting, yet the custom blend of essential oils that make up Into the Garden have been percolating in Rachel's mind throughout the winter. By the time the tree-lined streets of Brooklyn came back to life, she knew that jasmine had to be the star of the show. The tranquil smell of jasmine vines, paired with the grounding scent of blue cypress forests, embody this season of resilience.

Into the Garden invites you to settle in for a picnic amongst the blossoms. Reminisce in the sweet scent of spring, and wander into the garden whenever you please.

This microbatch won't last long, so get your mist before it goes back into the Soapwalla vault!

Top: Bergamot; Eucalyptus; Basil

Core: Jasmine; Silver Fir; Lavender

Base: Amyris; Blue Cypress; Texas Cedarwood

Perfect for all. Can be used on skin, clothing, and furniture.

100 ml, Miron glass bottle with fine mist pump and protective lid.