Put your best face forward! There are no quick fixes when it comes to skincare, but we’ve got the next best thing—a quick glow! Don’t have time for a spa night? Don’t worry! All you need is five minutes for the Phosphorescence Facial Mask to start working (candles and bubble bath optional). 

Need some tips on what to do in 10 minutes while you're masking?

-Read a short story! You couldn't make it to the end of the chapter by the time this mask is done, so find a great story that's just as quick.

-Check in on your friend you haven't talked to in a while! Just make sure to use speakerphone.

- Watch this adorable animated short film, In a Heartbeat. Yes, it's only 4 minutes, and yes you'll want to watch it twice.

Bonus: The lavender scent will having you feeling relaxed, no matter how long your to-do list is! 

Get your Glow on!