With October coming to a close, we are fully in the swing of fall. There's just something about cedarwood, our ingredient of the month, that says "autumnal energy." This warm, woodsy scent is the perfect addition to your fall skincare repertoire. Check out our picks below, and get into the seasonal spirit.

Ultimate Shave Buddy

We usually don't like to play favorites, but this bar is unmatched in its ability to get the smoothest shave. Cedarwood oil helps balance the skin,and kaolin clay gently exfoliates. The end result: a shave that's thisclose. If you have combination/acneic skin, this bar definitely deserves some coveted shower space. You can rest easy knowing all of our products are vegan, SLS- and paraben-free. We don't use harsh preservatives, petrochemical byproducts, synthetics, or phthalates. Soapwalla is NEVER tested on animals. Use this bar on your face and body to cleanse and tackle any blemishes. Mmm, perfection!

Soak It In

Some people think bath salts are to be tucked away and saved for a special occasion. And to these folks (looking at you, Mom), we say: treat every day like a special occasion. We are lucky to be alive (albeit in crazy times), and that deserves celebrating! There's no use in letting wonderful products collect dust in your medicine cabinet. Because of the nature of our ingredients, we like to treat our skincare like food. You wouldn't let fresh produce just sit on your countertop, so don't let your skincare expire in the back of your drawer. Bust out the salts, fill up the tub, and take a soak. Trust us, you've earned it.

Pump It Up

You asked, we delivered! Our wonderful washes, including this incredible Cedarwood & Grapefruit blend, are now available in luxury pump bottles. This even includes our pretty little minis. This Everyday Wash calms both the skin and senses. Cedarwood & Grapefruit is an awesome duo for fighting acne and buildup. Try a pump or two as a clarifying shampoo, and rest easy knowing this wash is biodegradable. Pack a travel bottle in your bag so you can wash (and nourish) your hands wherever you go!