Soapwalla making headlines is no new thing, but sometimes we just have to share! Olivia Wilde (one of our favorite actresses who happens to have impeccable taste) has named our Original Deodorant Cream as a travel essential!

Olivia Wilde via NY Mag:

"Because come on, we can’t keep rolling on the chemicals and wonder why we get cancer. Oh, and also it works. [Editor’s note: We’ve raved about this before.] I wore it to SoulCycle back when I was pregnant and didn’t smell like death after. Also, that’s the last time I went to SoulCycle, oops."

And that's not all, if you're looking for some beach inspired beauty this summer, mindbodygreen has you covered! Here's what they have to about our Phosphorescence Facial Mask:

"Soapwalla is well-known in the naturals world for its effective and nontoxic deodorant, but this new face mask may have just stolen the spotlight. Algae and sea kelp bioferment offer a dose of probiotics and feels tingly on the skin, while chlorophyll blended with oils leaves you with a dewy glow."

Rounding out the new press this week is an informative interview with our founder Rachel on Reed Clarke. Check it out here!