Did you know that Soapwalla goodies can be delivered to loved one's around the globe? Whether it's a gift for a wedding you couldn't make it to, or a college care package, we have the perfect set of must-haves!

Here are some mail-ready gift sets:

Co-ed Cool: A shower caddy with the same old drugstore standards is flat out un-cool. Send them something that is sure to impress, with calming scents that come in handy around finals. We recommend this essential set.

A Sweet Surprise: So your girlfriend's brother's ex sent you a save the date. While you may not be ready to jump on a plane for their Cancun destination wedding, that doesn't mean you can't send them something sweet on their big day. We recommend this favorite!

Friendly Reminder: Everyone uses lip balm. It's a fact. Men, women, kids- everyone has lips and sometimes those lips get chapped. Don't leave them with nasty old petroleum sticks! This set is perfect for thank you's, birthdays, or even just a "Hey, it's been awhile, here's a little treat!" 

Dressed to Impress: Need to go in on a present for the boss? Want to blow away your mother-in-law with a gift she won't stop talking about? Go for the classic! Our Tasting Menu comes complete with a beautiful assortment of products for body and face all dressed up in a one of a kind bag made right here in Brooklyn!