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Springtime, freshness, and renewal can be hard to embrace when there is still a ton of snow outside, like we have in Brooklyn NY. While checking the forecast for the week, I had to take a quick look at our Pacific + Down Under friends' forecasts!  77 degree days + 60 degree nights, please send some of that warmth our way!

After spending the last four months cooped up inside our Mansion/Apartment/House/or Seaside Bungalow, it’s time to let go + clean before the mercury rises and we can't bear to be indoors any longer. Time to organize, to re-gift those holiday presents collecting dust and to dismantle that blanket fort in which we’ve all (well, maybe just I've) been hibernating.

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Inspired by our UK friends, who celebrate National Spring Cleaning Week March 16-23, we thought we'd share some tips to letting go of stagnation to let the freshness in!  Not only will this clear the physical space, it will clear your mental space. More space = more room for new ideas to take hold and grow. More air to breathe. More all-around good stuff. Put items away by dedicating a space for those that always seem to linger (umbrellas! Solo gloves! Holiday cards!). Start a donation box for those things that no longer serve a purpose. Digitize your magazine subscriptions -- not only will you have less to carry to the beach or subway but you’ll have less to throw out later and more trees to enjoy.


Discard old medications (most chain drug stores will safely dispose for you) and skincare products that are past their prime or usefulness, making way for new essentials. Soapwalla’s products have an average shelf life of 12 months.


Months of cold weather = snow and salt accumulation. Deep clean your floors to remove any unwanted nastiness from outside. This is especially important if you have pets or children.  Purify the space with a cleansing + clearing room spray (recipe below).

Ginger Revitalizing Room Spray

  • 2 oz distilled water
  • 1 oz Soapwalla Facial Toning Mist or pure witch hazel (make sure it’s 100% pure and paraben-free)
  • 10 drops ginger essential oil (look for fresh vs dried root extraction for a brighter, more vibrant scent)
  • 10 drops Texas cedarwood essential oil
  • 4 drops lemon essential oil
  • 4 drops frankincense or sandalwood essential oil
Mix well together in a dark spray bottle and let hang out for a few days. Shake before each use.


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MEET THE MAKER, Rachel Winard, Founder of Soapwalla 

Boston, Massachusetts | Sunday, March 22, 11am-2pm at Follain South End 

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Come and learn the story of Soapwalla and hang out with Rachel Winard, Founder of Soapwalla. Rachel will be available to answer all your questions. It's a great opportunity to learn about what goes into a healthy skincare brand, and to check out one of the most beautiful skincare boutiques around.

Upcoming Events


Beauty Class with Rachel Winard, Founder of Soapwalla 

Paris, France | Thursday, April 23, 4-6pm at Colette 

If you're in Paris in April, Rachel will be at Colette for a special event on the 23rd of April from 4-6pm. She'll also be at both Oh My Cream locations on the 25th of April. More details to come!