Custom Designed Soapwalla Travel Bag



We are delighted to offer this custom screen-printed and lined denim cosmetic bag, specially created for Soapwalla by Maptote, our friend and neighbor at the Old American Can Factory in Brooklyn, NY. This FAA-friendly size fits up to nine of our travel sized products, and is the perfect gift for the jetsetter or bag lover in your life.


  • Dark denim cotton
  • Lined
  • Hand screenprinted and stitched in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Machine washable
  • Vegan

About Maptote

When a stylist and a cartographer fall in love and get married, what do they make (besides babies)? In the case of Brooklyn couple Rachel Rheingold and Michael Berick, they create Maptote, a line of products decorated with maps of locales both domestic and exotic.

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