Untamed Garden Mist - Limited Edition


"There is no end, believe me! to the inventions of summer, to the happiness your body
is willing to bear."   Roses, Mary Oliver

New in 2023 is a series of microbatch products. These are special formulations crafted by hand in limited runs. Due to the overwhelming success of our first mist, we present Untamed Garden - a rose-filled, sultry, earthy, voluptuous floral scent that we think perfectly captures the waning days of summer.

Join us in the garden to inhale those precious last drops of summer, when everything moves slow as molasses yet vibrates with life. Hair matted to forehead, shirts sticking to backs. The hypnotic scent of rose, loamy underbrush, and ripe citrus is filled with the promise of quietude in the days ahead - but is absolutely burgeoning with an explosion of scent at present.

Our 100% natural fragrance mist has notes of rose with hints of citrus and cardamom, anchored by cedar and balsam. Untamed Garden is a love letter to these last few weeks of summer.

Top:  Cardamom; Mandarin; Silver Fir
Heart:  Rose; Geranium; Frankincense
Base:  Amyris; Vanilla; Texas Cedarwood

Perfect for all. Can be used on skin, clothing, and furniture. Wander into the Untamed Garden whenever you please. Stay long enough, and the vines may just claim you as part of their own.

100 ml, Miron glass bottle with fine mist pump and protective lid.

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