Think your facial woes aren’t just skin deep? You’re probably right. While a combination of quality ingredients and skincare diligence can go a long way, you never want to ignore signals your body is sending you in favor of that trending DIY mask on Pinterest.

The first step to playing skin-care detective is to stop the blame game. Your skin isn’t a “problem”, it just needs some love! Here are some easy first-steps to finding out what could be irritating your skin:


Stress- holidays, work, politics and more— we can always find something to stress about. While many middle of the night anxiety inducing scares are more fiction than fact, the affect it has on your skin is very real. Unfortunately, not all stress is avoidable, which is why we recommend adding short daily meditations into your routine.

Touching your face- By now you’ve been told a million times to keep your hands off your face, but did you know there are sneakier ways bacteria can get to your pores? Some common culprits are pillowcases and cell phones. We recommend washing your bedding weekly and using earbuds for phone calls.

Dull skin?

- Lack of sleep- You’ve made your way to bed at a reasonable hour, but instead of snoozing you’re scrolling through Instagram. We’ve all been there. Unfortunately, a lack of sleep can do more than just make you groggy in the morning. Dull skin and even premature aging are all signs that your body may not be getting the rest that it needs. We recommend staying away from any cell/computer/tablet screens, and instead opting for a book at night.

General irritation or just unhappy skin?

- Diet- Whether it’s an unknown allergy, a fad diet, or just a lack of vitamins, food plays a big part in how you look and feel. When it comes to diet always remember that you are fueling your body with nutrients. It’s also important to remember that what works for some may not work for others. Keep a food journal and make note of days when you feel good, or days when your food may be leading to bloating, stomachaches and more.

- Medications- Pay attention to side effects! It’s important to know if what you are taking is making you more sensitive to the sun or causing a breakout. Always consult with your doctor before making any changes to your medications.

Still want more? If you’ve hit a dead-end with your current products or are in a never-ending cycle of cysts, you may benefit from some Tailor-Made Skincare.

Our founder, Rachel, will get to the root of your skin dilemma with an intensive questionnaire and one on one interview to make a custom skincare and lifestyle routine just for you. We’ve already had some amazing success stories and are excited to offer this program to anyone who is tired of battling their own skin.