Soapwalla’s The Balm restores moisture to areas that need extra attention and reconditions skin elasticity, repairs discoloration, and soothes redness. Below, we share the ways the Soapwalla team has incorporated The Balm into our skincare routines.

Weekly restorative face mask || After cleansing, apply a thick layer of The Balm to the face, neck, and décolleté and let it absorb for 30 minutes. Gently remove excess by blotting with a towel or applying the remaining product onto the hands and arms.

Nighttime under eye treatment || The Balm makes a fantastic under eye treatment as it naturally lightens discoloration, moisturizes, and enhances circulation. Apply a pea’s worth of The Balm to cleansed under-eye area, dabbing on gently with your ring finger. Use a featherlight touch to massage into skin. Safe enough to use on the eyelid and eyelashes.

Overnight hand & foot repair mask || Prior to going to bed, apply a thick layer of The Balm to clean feet and hands, then immediately apply cotton socks/gloves. Keep on overnight and remove in the morning. For added benefit, exfoliate with our Almond Luxe Body Polish  prior to applying The Balm.