When it comes to skincare, the one condition that no one seems safe from is dryness. Whether you have calloused feet or ashy knees, at some point, we've all been plagued by a dry, scratchy, scaly mess.

Of course regular moisturizing is always a must, but when that's not enough it may be time to exfoliate. We believe we have perfected the physical exfoliant in the form of our Polish. Gentle yet effective with an addictive scent, The Polish is everything we've always wanted in a natural scrub, but could never find on the market.

To get the most of your scrubbing, here are some solutions to common concerns, and tips for happy skin:
Going through your full-size tub at an alarming rate? Chances are you are either scrubbing too often, using too much product, or both! We've all been guilty of a little over-exfoliation- you scrub up, start to feel how smooth your skin is and next thing you know you're at it everyday! Keep exfoliation to once a week for the best results, and to not irritate your skin. As with all of our products, The Polish is highly concentrated. A little bit goes a long way so start out small and use more product as needed.

Too dry for your liking? Always make sure to mix, stir or shake all natural products as some separation can be expected. If that doesn't do the trick, just add a small amount of your favorite oil (olive and coconut are great and easy to find at the grocery store). Whatever you do, don't pour water into the container! Water and sugar combine into a sticky mess, and is also an open invitation for germs.

Now scrub away!