What we’re digging at the Soapwalla studio this week

Rachel, President of Puns || I’m throwing a big anniversary BBQ with friends to celebrate 19 years together with my love. Excited to make this delicious salad for the event.

Stacey, Overlord of Operations || Watching the 4th of July fireworks from our rooftop garden and if there is time, Finding Dory!

Ilana, Boss of Buzz || I’m looking forward to finally hitting the beach, jumping in the waves and breaking out this new hat.

Manuela, Writer of Wrongs || After a marathon of weddings, this weekend I'm most looking forward to catching up with friends and cramming in as many dance parties, beach hangs and movie dates I can fit into the long weekend.

Megan, Coach of Chaos || Starting the long weekend off right with Bend & Bloom, which is hosting free yoga in Prospect Park every Thursday for the whole summer!

Image via Death to the Stock Photo