Kicking off Soapwalla’s Six Weeks of Giving is our Winter Essentials. This new gift set is all you need to keep your skin glowing all season long. Our signature Winter Essentials Kit includes travel sizes of our Lavender Vanilla Mint Body Oil, Hydrating Facial Toning Mist, Almond Luxe Body Polish and a full sized Balm.

 A few hydration essentials:

Humidifier || Combating dry indoor heat is essential in maintaining supple skin. We love this one!

Dry Brush || A daily dry brushing ritual is essential to keeping skin smooth and to encourage the removal of toxins by stimulating your lymphatic system.  This body brush from Follain is made from natural sisal fiber. After dry brushing and bathing, apply our Luxurious Body Oils as a moisturizer.

Cotton gloves and socks || Adding 100% cotton gloves and socks helps to lock in moisture when applying a deep healing treatment like The Balm.

Water is a clue || Dry skin can be a sign that you’re not drinking enough water. All great skin begins from the inside out and starts with water. This water bottle is so good looking you’ll never forget to tote it along.

Image by Death to The Stock Photo