If no one has told you lately, congratulations! You made it. It's a new year, and making it through 2020 was no small feat. No need to put yourself through the wringer setting all kinds of unrealistic goals for these next 12 months. We're all about making healthy changes, but make sure you don't get crushed under the pressure to entirely reinvent or "fix" yourself. You're freaking gorgeous just the way you are.

All too often we feel we have to meet some impossible standard of success, healthiness, or even cleanliness. How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought, "Am I thin enough? Pretty enough? Rich enough?" If you're anything like us, the number is probably more than you'd care to admit. Whether it's "detoxing" our diet, skin, or lifestyle, it's easy to think that we are never good enough, no matter what we do. Newsflash: You. Are. Enough. That's why you won't see us making those kinds of resolutions for 2021. We're tossing negative self-talk out the window, and it won't be missed. This year, we are celebrating what we have and working with what we've got. Because what we've got is a whole hell of a lot. We hope you join us in finding joy in the small things, getting excited about the little wins, and building up ourselves and one another. We hope you become more "you" in this new year.

Our list of "yasss" moments includes, but is certainly not limited to, the following: stepping onto the subway platform just as the train is pulling up (score!), pumping out the last drop of Restorative Face Serum and remembering we have a backup bottle in the medicine cabinet (oh thank goodness), seeing our BFF's name light up our phone screen (cue the excited dance), getting the library notification that the book we put on hold has finally arrived (activate cozy mode), and taking a picture of ourselves that we really love, not because we look like Instagram models but because our smile reached our eyes for the first time in a while (and that's on self-love, baby!).



We love hearing from you! Let us know how you're taking on the new year and honoring yourselves in the process. What makes your heart sing right now? What has you doing a little happy dance everyday? How can we look inward without turning our lives upside down? Drop us a comment, DM, or email!