Truly cruelty-free products shouldn't be hard to find. That's why the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) created a program to help brands show customers they are animal friendly every step of the way.


Our Pledge to Cruelty-Free Skincare

We've been Leaping Bunny certified since 2012 and proud of it! It is our honor to have the internationally recognized Leaping Bunny logo on all of our products. Cruelty-free products are important to us, and we hope our customers happily purchase Soapwalla goodies knowing they are all natural and 100% animal friendly.

Deodorant Creams

All Vegan, All the Time

Soapwalla products are vegan and do not contain any animal-derived byproducts. Top quality products that nourish your skin do not have to come at the expense of our furry friends. Feel the power of plant-based production!

The Standard

Some companies claim to be cruelty-free or animal friendly and follow their own interpretation of what that means for their products. Some brands also say they do not test on animals but are only referring to the finished products. In turn, the CCIC created the Leaping Bunny Standard (short for Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals) as a way for companies to pledge their products are free of animal testing in all stages. The Leaping Bunny Program recognizes that nearly every ingredient, including water, has been tested on animals in the past. The Program aims to prevent all future animal testing. Products with the Leaping Bunny logo are guaranteed to be free of new animal testing, helping consumers make conscious decisions about their products.

Leaping Bunny

Our Trusted Suppliers

We wouldn't dream of testing any ingredients or products on animals, only willing, happy humans! Soapwalla only purchases raw ingredients from producers who pledge the same. One of the perks of working in our Brooklyn studio is trying out Rachel's newest creations!
The Leaping Bunny logo can be found on cosmetic, personal care, and household products. Check out for more information and to learn about other cruelty-free brands!