We've been sharing the insider's scoop on our favorite spots to visit all month long. We checked out Paris, shared some tips for Costa Rica, and are rounding out the series in the US with Austin, Texas.


Howdy! It doesn't take long to figure out why Austin, TX is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. From an all-hours music scene, to delicious food, to gorgeous hikes and weather, Austin has a lot going on!

Looking to Eat? You can't pass up the Mexican fare in Austin, or the Tex-Mex either for that matter!

El Chile- For mole that will change your life! This traditional Mexican spot is great for dinner, and also happens to be Rachel's favorite.

Taco Deli- For casual dining, this local chain is the best.

Soapwalla Must-Have- Hitting up Sixth Street at night and food truck binges on the weekend can leave your skin in desperate need of care. Just a few drops of our Restorative Face Serum will have you ready to face the day, literally. It's excellent for all skin types, and sinks into skin without any of the slippery mess that comes with thicker creams and lotions.

Insider's Scoop- Summer in Austin can be off the charts hot! To avoid any breakouts, make sure to wash your face at the end of the day with our Charcoal Soap. It's deep cleaning, yet doesn't strip your skin dry like traditional "acne washes" can.