Week 1: Prepping + Pantry Purge

On Tuesdays during the month of January we will feature Jenny Schwartz, a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. Jenny will share her advice and techniques on maintaining 'High Vibes Cooking’ - a framework of preparing food that creates more energy, clarity, and better health.  

(1) The first step to eating healthier is to decide what your desires are.  Do you want to eat more green vegetables or more home-cooked meals, or do you want to avoid an ingredient, like wheat, dairy, or sugar?  Assess your intentions and avoid frustrations by creating realistic commitments. If you want to cut out a certain ingredient like dairy or sugar, research the foods you currently or most often consume and make sure those ingredients aren't in foods you're already eating.  Hint: There are various kinds of sugar. Sugar in some form can be found in almost everything, but don't let it discourage you.

Tell a few people close to you and anyone you live with what your plan is and ask for support.  If you have a weekly date with friends or family, inform them of your new food paradigm. For example, if you and a friend have coffee and donuts every Sunday afternoon together, let them know that for a while you are going to be swapping out the donut for a banana. Coffee and bananas are delicious together! 

(2)  It's time to clear out your kitchen.  Discard or donate any unopened items containing all the ingredients you are no longer eating.  Be kind and generous with yourself and know that you are trying your best and if you eat something you’ve been avoiding, it's okay and you can pick up where you left off. 

Next week we'll focus on menu planning, so start thinking about certain foods and recipes that you like and can easily execute at home.  

Jenny Schwartz lives in Brooklyn, NY and works with folks to develop a personal spiritual practice of their own. Focusing on connecting with nature, seasonal rhythms and their true self.

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