(1) Start a shared recipe folder: The best recipes are the ones we make over and over again. The next time you whip up your favorite dish, share the recipe in a document that your friends can view and edit too. Instant cookbook! Looking for somewhere to start? Check out Rachel's recipe for the yummiest brownies. Pro tip: start off with your most delicious dessert recipe and host a sweets swap to taste test.

(2) FriendsgivingName a better duo than food and friends. Skip an expensive night out on the town and prepare a potluck! Invite your pals to bring their favorite fall snacks, sides, and sips. Before sitting down at the table (or the floor pillows if you're hosting in an NYC apartment), take time to reflect on how grateful you are for one another. Try going around the circle and offering up affirmations for each guest. Our friends help make us who we are, and we are thankful for them year-round. Spread the love and tell them how much they mean to you! 

(3) Sweater swapStaggering winter clothing price tags have your head spinning? Sustainable fashion can be easier than you think. Instead of maxing out your credit card on the newest collection, throw a sweater swap party. You'll love your *free* new wardrobe, and Mother Earth will thank you.

(4) VolunteerThis is the perfect time of year to get more active in your community! Spending time in your own neighborhood is a great way to get your group together while also making new friends. Check out volunteermatch.org to help find a worthy cause that is near and dear to you.

(5) Plant swapGot clippings? Plants are an easy way to brighten up a room while also naturally upping the air quality. Instead of dropping some green for some fresh leaves, host a plant swap to grow your garden. Summer Rayne Oakes from Homestead Brooklyn has some tips on hosting the sweetest swap.


What are your favorite ways to have the best time ever on a budget?